A series of events led by professionals to broaden understanding around wellness and healthy living topics.

Our facilitators are experts in the presented subjects and blend theory with practice to make sure you can not only learn, but apply new techniques in your day-to-day life.

Our programs include workshops, talks, Do-It-Yourself creative activities and more,

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I cannot wait to go back to the Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic. I slept a lot better the night of the workshop and today I feel less pain. I will return soon. Thank you again!
— Amelie
I had no idea what to expect, so it was all pretty random and awesome. I did not expect to enjoy the dancing so much. She was a wonderful teacher and I loved all the African and belly dancing! The fire dance was my favorite!
— Michelle
The workshop was a great insight into food therapy and very informative. The cooking class was great and I was pleasantly surprised by the flavours and simplicity of light, healthy eating and the yin yoga complemented the end of the day perfectly!
— hannah
This is my second workshop with you guys and I think you guys are doing an excellent job. Keep it up!
— tiffany
I am a student, my English is poor, I had learned a lot from that class, 3Q!
— melissa
A fascinating insight into TCM. I really enjoyed it. Keep doing what you’re doing.
— paul