Media Exposure

Canton Life Cover.jpg

May-June 2016 issue
The Canton Club magazine

Featuring "Health Talks", live broadcast on China Chats - a FaceTime production by Guangdong Radio and Television.


February 18, 2016
City Weekend online magazine

Reviewing Linwards' 3-day juice detox, a popular new program in Guangzhou.

GWIC cover.jpg

Guangzhou Women's International Club magazine

Exposing the path of Linwards' Founder from professional to personal growth.

W4 cover.jpg

April 2016 issue

Highlighting all activity branches of Linwards - Refuel, Release, Retreat, Regain

March 29, 2016
That's PRD online magazine

Featuring Linwards to promote healthy and balanced living in the Pearl River Delta.

January 21, 2016
W4 local print magazine

Interviewing Linwards' Founder about personal preferences and professional choices.

Finnair in-flight magazine.jpg
yoga journal

june 2016
Yoga journal CHINA

Featuring Linwards' chakra balancing workshop - blending creative writing and dance.

october 2015
finnair in-flight magazine

Covering the food scene in Guangzhou and highlighting healthy living options such as Linwards' activities.

january 2017
Yoga Journal China

Featuring our 2nd Wellness Retreat edition in Thailand.